Journey Of Becoming a Software Tester Part2: Say hello to Mela

In our first ‘say hello’ blog, we heard from our Senior Manual Tester, Viki. This time it’s the turn of Mela, another of our skilled testers here at Digital Natives. Mela’s story is one of hard work and dedication, which she has continued to show throughout her ten years of industry experience. Are you ready to say hello? Hi, I’m ...
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Journey Of Becoming a Software Tester Part 1: Say hello to Viki

Ever wondered what it takes to become a manual tester? If you’re thinking of forging a career for yourself in this competitive but exciting market, why not read Viki’s story? As a Senior Manual Tester here at Digital Natives, Viki is a regular contributor to our blog, so we asked her to write one about what it takes to succeed ...
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How to create an effective bug report

Bug reports. I think I speak for all testers when i say that this is one of the most important parts of our job. I wanted to cover the notion of ‘a good bug report’ in a blog post, because over the years I’ve had the displeasure of reading and working from many bad bug reports, which can cause a ...
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What you can learn from campaign tracking and how you should use it?

Us testers here at Digital Natives don’t just spend our time testing. We’re often involved in the different phases of the product lifecycle, like conception (imagine, specify, plan) and design (describe, define). I’m a member of the Nostromo team, and right now we’re working on our Project Management tool. This tool, and Nostromo itself are growing in popularity so it’s ...
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How to Become a QA Tester

I am often asked whether a QA should have a degree in IT, or a degree of any kind of that matter. What’s my answer? Well, I tell them that the road to becoming a  great QA is not perfectly defined like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. It requires the careful development of personal skills as well as professional ...
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How to Rock Automated Tests as a QA?

In my last article I introduced a new way to plough through automated tests; automated acceptance tests written by a QA (otherwise known as me!). You may remember we finished by setting some tasks for the future: Reviewing and discussing the existing tests (because even though current automated tests are still reliable, it’s inevitable that they will lapse over time ...
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Breaking the habits: introducing automated tests written by a QA

Where is this crazy idea coming from, a QA learning to write automated tests? Why would a QA want to learn something that the developer team is already doing? I have been a QA for 7 years now and I worked at several types of companies. Starting from multinational corporations, to the so-called hipster startup companies. During these years I ...
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Logidok – Beta Version is out!

In July 2014 the beta version of Logidok will be released after a successful testing process, in which Digital Natives was working with UXstudio, a Budapest based organization focusing on user experience design for mobile and web applications with agile methods. The product, Logidok, with its mobile and web based elements is developed for digitally capturing, forwarding and storing traditionally ...
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Testing in JavaScript

Here at Digital Natives we are devoted to support the automated testing of our applications. Lately we write more and more complex business logics on front-end side therefore we need to test front-end side codes more accurately. I put together a presentation for our weekly developer meeting concerning this topic, where I reviewed the current possibilities, but I think that ...
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TaxiLike 2.0 Beta

Eljött a várva várt beta teszt ideje, amikor végre Ti is elmondhatjátok, hogy szerintetek is ilyen egy egyszerű online taxirendelés, vagy még sokat kell dolgoznunk rajta. Mivel találkozhattok az új verzióban? Cím megadása: geolokációval támogatva egyszerűen megadhatod a rendelés pontos helyét (amihez felajánljuk a közelben lévő korábbi rendeléseidet is). Taxi kérés: ha van a közeledben online rendelhető taxi, akkor nem ...
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