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Has You Client Got a Bad Case Of Featuritis?

The what, why and how of beating feature creep You are in the final throws of development and just a few days away from delivery. The team is a little behind schedule but you know that if you push it, everything will be fine, and then BOOM! A new feature request lands on your desk […]

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Make 2016 an agile year!

Download our 2016 calendar that helps you remember what makes a good agile project. Each page tells you about one of the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto.   Daniella Varga Digital Marketer Enthusiastic marketer and challenge seeker who loves to laugh

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Why do you need a team to make a great digital product?

So what makes a great product? Everyone has their own definition, you have yours, I have mine. But what matters most is your markets, and what they think makes a great product – after all, you are making the product for them. So, with that in mind, it’s safe to say that a good product: […]

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How to create your very first persona (with free template)

Personas are a constant subject of argument amongst UX professionals, from the very basics like ‘are they even needed?’, to details like ‘what data should they contain?’ It is a subject that divides opinions, with almost everyone using them in a different way. That’s why this blog is not intended to give you a magic […]

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Prioritising Tasks and Features Should Happen Naturally

But what does that mean? The answer seems simple: focus on customer happiness and business values. Or doesn’t it? Well, it depends on the situation and who you ask. Still, I believe we can agree on a list of considerable items – call it a framework if you’d like – which might help the process. […]

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