Category: Company culture

The Unexpected Step That Led Us to Transparent Salaries

  We’ve decided to create a completely transparent salary system.  It’s the last piece of the transparency-puzzle needed to complete our full transparent company, and alas we’re almost there! We admit this was a hard one, with more than a couple of bumps in the road. Once again we realised that there is nothing harder […]

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How To Become A Self-managed Organization

Our organisational change – the whys the hows and the challenges Over the years I’ve often been called “dad” at work – in jest of course, but the sentiment behind it was genuine. I liked it, it pampered my ego to know that people saw me as the voice of reason, as the person that […]

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Play With That Pyramid

Pyramid or flat? Maybe this is one of the most hyped organisational discussions nowadays, this reminds me of the religious wars. I tend to see this as not a question of good or bad, but I’ve begun to handle it in a more pragmatic way: it depends on the people and the community’s goal which […]

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