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Benchmarking Elixir benchmarking tools

When it comes to programming, benchmarking is not always necessary. In other words, it’s not crucial to always write the most efficient algorithm, but that doesn’t stop programmers pondering which approach is the most efficient and whether, in fact, efficiency by itself is enough anyway. Surely efficiency is more a deductible variable when faced with […]

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Must listen podcasts on Elixir and Elm

Here at Digital Natives continuous learning is woven into the very fabric of our company. That’s why we’ve created a list of podcasts, to help you get acquainted with the world of Elixir and Elm programming languages. Why Elixir and Elm? Elixir and Elm are both up and coming programming languages which we really favor. […]

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Magical Chrome Extensions to Make You a Better Developer

Everyone who works in Google Chrome knows that there are a whole host of Chrome extensions available. In this latest post we have focused on a small number of our favourite extensions that we use on a daily basis whilst developing and writing code. Hopefully you will find them useful too. 1) AWESOME SCREENSHOT It’s common […]

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You don’t need to be a Git guru to save time with version control

What is this post not for? Since it was released, Git revolutionized the version control management. Nowadays it is an industry standard being used by a huge number of companies of all sizes. In Digital Natives, we use Git in all our projects. It provides amazing features and great flexibility of use. Well, you can […]

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