Author: Kristóf Bárdos

CEO Life-long entrepreneur with a passion for supporting up and coming digital talent

The Unexpected Step That Led Us to Transparent Salaries

  We’ve decided to create a completely transparent salary system.  It’s the last piece of the transparency-puzzle needed to complete our full transparent company, and alas we’re almost there! We admit this was a hard one, with more than a couple of bumps in the road. Once again we realised that there is nothing harder […]

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How To Become A Self-managed Organization

Our organisational change – the whys the hows and the challenges Over the years I’ve often been called “dad” at work – in jest of course, but the sentiment behind it was genuine. I liked it, it pampered my ego to know that people saw me as the voice of reason, as the person that […]

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How NOT to create products – a lesson we learnt the hard way

In 2011 we were full of ideas! Economic revival had given rise to a nasty bout of startup fever and we caught it – we caught it really bad. We wanted a piece of the action, and could see no reason why our ideas wouldn’t be an instant success – we were a tech team […]

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Play With That Pyramid

Pyramid or flat? Maybe this is one of the most hyped organisational discussions nowadays, this reminds me of the religious wars. I tend to see this as not a question of good or bad, but I’ve begun to handle it in a more pragmatic way: it depends on the people and the community’s goal which […]

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Transparency and self-development at Digital Natives

There is another aspect of organisation management, transparency. For some reasons, high level of transparency is mostly associated with flat organization structure, but in my opinion this is much more related to the level of consciousness of the community. (all right, there might be a correlation between flat org and consciousness, but it’s not necessary). […]

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