Author: Daniella Varga

Digital Marketer Enthusiastic marketer and challenge seeker who loves to laugh

Must listen podcasts on Elixir and Elm

Here at Digital Natives continuous learning is woven into the very fabric of our company. That’s why we’ve created a list of podcasts, to help you get acquainted with the world of Elixir and Elm programming languages. Why Elixir and Elm? Elixir and Elm are both up and coming programming languages which we really favor. […]

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The 3 Proven ROI Gains From User Experience

User experience (UX) is an elemental part of today’s business world. Being conscious about the value we gain with investing in user experience is vital. User experience (UX) nowadays isn’t a mystical area. It has a long history of being measurable and proved its ability on bringing return on investment (ROI). It is true that […]

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Has You Client Got a Bad Case Of Featuritis?

The what, why and how of beating feature creep You are in the final throws of development and just a few days away from delivery. The team is a little behind schedule but you know that if you push it, everything will be fine, and then BOOM! A new feature request lands on your desk […]

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Make 2016 an agile year!

Download our 2016 calendar that helps you remember what makes a good agile project. Each page tells you about one of the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto.   Daniella Varga Digital Marketer Enthusiastic marketer and challenge seeker who loves to laugh

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Lego robots, retro gaming and product improvements – our one-day hackathon in a nutshell

For the team at Digital Natives, 2015 was a great year. We worked hard on some really interesting products and we expanded our minds both personally and professionally. To celebrate a successful year, we decided to challenge ourselves by organizing a one-day hackathon. The formula was simple: five teams, five projects, one day. Do you […]

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Must have chrome extensions to boost your productivity

In our last blog post, we shared the must have Chrome extensions for a professional developer. In this blog we are drilling further down into the endless list of available extensions to bring you the very best there is when it comes to boosting productivity – plus some handy tools and tips along the way. […]

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Magical Chrome Extensions to Make You a Better Developer

Everyone who works in Google Chrome knows that there are a whole host of Chrome extensions available. In this latest post we have focused on a small number of our favourite extensions that we use on a daily basis whilst developing and writing code. Hopefully you will find them useful too. 1) AWESOME SCREENSHOT It’s common […]

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How to create your very first persona (with free template)

Personas are a constant subject of argument amongst UX professionals, from the very basics like ‘are they even needed?’, to details like ‘what data should they contain?’ It is a subject that divides opinions, with almost everyone using them in a different way. That’s why this blog is not intended to give you a magic […]

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You don’t need to be a Git guru to save time with version control

What is this post not for? Since it was released, Git revolutionized the version control management. Nowadays it is an industry standard being used by a huge number of companies of all sizes. In Digital Natives, we use Git in all our projects. It provides amazing features and great flexibility of use. Well, you can […]

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ISLCollective Discovery project

In its current format ISLCollective is a website providing a collection of free, downloadable and printable teaching materials. Using the site language teachers from all over the world can share their self-created editable documents (word or powerpoint format) and browse the uploads of others. The founders of the site sought our cooperation to develop their […]

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