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How to create an effective bug report

Bug reports. I think I speak for all testers when i say that this is one of the most important parts of our job. I wanted to cover the notion of ‘a good bug report’ in a blog post, because over the years I’ve had the displeasure of reading and working from many bad bug reports, which can cause a sharp rise in development and testing time, which is never good news. Let’s start with […]

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What you can learn from campaign tracking and how you should use it?

Us testers here at Digital Natives don’t just spend our time testing. We’re often involved in the different phases of the product lifecycle, like conception (imagine, specify, plan) and design (describe, define). I’m a member of the Nostromo team, and right now we’re working on our Project Management tool. This tool, and Nostromo itself are growing in popularity so it’s vital that we understand which direction to move in both with tool development and the […]

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How to Become a QA Tester

I am often asked whether a QA should have a degree in IT, or a degree of any kind of that matter. What’s my answer? Well, I tell them that the road to becoming a  great QA is not perfectly defined like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. It requires the careful development of personal skills as well as professional ones and that is far harder. That’s why, as a subject, it is so hard […]

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How To Become A Self-managed Organization

Our organisational change – the whys the hows and the challenges Over the years I’ve often been called “dad” at work – in jest of course, but the sentiment behind it was genuine. I liked it, it pampered my ego to know that people saw me as the voice of reason, as the person that can decide (even very small) things. I was happy in the knowledge that I was empowering people, protecting them, and […]

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The 3 Proven ROI Gains From User Experience

User experience (UX) is an elemental part of today’s business world. Being conscious about the value we gain with investing in user experience is vital. User experience (UX) nowadays isn’t a mystical area. It has a long history of being measurable and proved its ability on bringing return on investment (ROI). It is true that there are cases when measuring the exact ROI of UX is tricky, but it’s far from impossible. Countless studies proved […]

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Has You Client Got a Bad Case Of Featuritis?

The what, why and how of beating feature creep You are in the final throws of development and just a few days away from delivery. The team is a little behind schedule but you know that if you push it, everything will be fine, and then BOOM! A new feature request lands on your desk and with your head in your hands, you start to realise the damage it could cause. Sounds familiar? In the […]

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Make 2016 an agile year!

Download our 2016 calendar that helps you remember what makes a good agile project. Each page tells you about one of the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto.  

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Lego robots, retro gaming and product improvements – our one-day hackathon in a nutshell

For the team at Digital Natives, 2015 was a great year. We worked hard on some really interesting products and we expanded our minds both personally and professionally. To celebrate a successful year, we decided to challenge ourselves by organizing a one-day hackathon. The formula was simple: five teams, five projects, one day. Do you want to see the results? 1. Project meet Alexa: What can we teach the Amazon Echo to do in one […]

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How to Rock Automated Tests as a QA?

In my last article I introduced a new way to plough through automated tests; automated acceptance tests written by a QA (otherwise known as me!). You may remember we finished by setting some tasks for the future: Reviewing and discussing the existing tests (because even though current automated tests are still reliable, it’s inevitable that they will lapse over time if not maintained) Redrafting reviewed tests (if it is necessary) Writing new tests for new […]

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Promoting your business abroad?

The why, where, who and what of getting the most out of your trip It’s not unusual for a startup, especially one in the technology sector, to integrate multi-national expansion right into the very fabric of their business plan. Whether it’s targeting strategic countries one at a time, or taking the global market by storm right from the off – it seems that these days, eager jet-setting entrepreneurs are not afraid of travelling the world […]

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